Unwanted Ads Popping Up in Chrome? Here is How To Clean Them Up


Have you ever experienced these bad and stubborn behaviors in your Chrome?

  • A malicious toolbar appears out of blue;
  • Ads popping up on the sites that don’t belong there, or
  • An unfamiliar page acting as a Startup page every time when you open Chrome or a new tab.

If you have, it could be due to one or a few nasty crappyware somehow got installed on your computer that started messing up with your Chrome Settings. Therefore, doing a Chrome Reset will not get things any better. You will need to find out what are the bad guys and remove them. Usually, getting rid of them is very troublesome. But Google recently released a cleanup tool called Software Removal Tool for Windows that makes things a lot easier by scanning your computer to find out software that is causing issues with the browser and offering to remove them for you.

It’s a portable tool as well. Simply download it from its main page and launch it. It would be a good idea creating a System Restore before launching the tool to remove the program.

Software Removal Tool beta 2014 11 24 13 49 06 - Unwanted Ads Popping Up in Chrome? Here is How To Clean Them Up

Congratulation, if you get the same pop as I do, No suspicious programs found. But if you have some bad behaviors described above, the chances you are getting a popup like this is very slim. You will probably be prompted with a list of programs that are interfering with Google’s Chrome and will be asked to remove them.

Once that part is passed, clicking Continue in the Tool will take you to the Chrome Settings page with a Reset settings popup waiting. Clicking Reset button will take Chrome back to the factory mode with all default settings.

Google Chrome Settings Reset settings 2014 11 24 13 49 39 - Unwanted Ads Popping Up in Chrome? Here is How To Clean Them Up

It’s worth noting that Google’s Software Remove Tool is not an antivirus replacement for your Windows. It’s merely a tool that removes things interfering with Chrome’s user experience. You will still need your default AntiVirus program in place to protect you.


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