Update Your Flash Player To 10.2 Enable Dual Monitor Full Screen View Natively Without Hacking


adobe_flash_10.2 Adobe has just released a new update to its Flash Player to 10.2. The biggest feature that brings with this update is the native support for viewing flash video on a Dual Monitor Full Screen while working on a separate monitor. If you have a dual monitor setup this is a great news. Go ahead and update your Flash player to the latest version. For browsers except Chrome go to here to update your flash player, for Chrome all you need to do is go to check the “About Chrome” option and Chrome will automatically find a new released version and install it. update_chrome Now you can enjoy watching a Youtube or other flash video player full screen on a separate monitor while working on your other monitor. This has been a long time requested feature to bring Full Screen Flash on Dual monitor, prior to this release you can enable this feature by hacking the hex value for one of the DLL file. NOT anymore, big Thanks to Adobe to finally add this feature to the flash player. Apart from this exciting feature, there are also performance enhancement on hardware accelerations to IE9 and other improvements. For the full details go see the Adobe Release Notes.



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