Use Chrome Cleanup Tool to Fix any Issue With Your Chrome


Like Microsoft’s Windows back in the 90s, anything that was popular is subject to targeted attacks. Chrome falls the same trap, it was once a mind blown browser because of the insane speed it delivers the web from internet to your desktop, now it still does the job well but often times full of malicious malware and viruses if you are not careful. It’s often the number one questions you get from your family and relatives when they ask for tech support.

Luckily, Google knows it’s been targeted. It’s also working hard to try to combat that malware and fake default search engines on your chrome. Lately, Google released a tool called “Chrome Cleanup Tool” it will scan if there are any problems with your Chrome, and attempt to restore Chrome to good shape if problems are found.


Go head to to download the tool, no need to install just run it after the download is finished.


If there is nothing wrong with your Chrome the scan should be quick and simple. No programs found.


Hit Continue will lead you to chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings


You don’t have to reset if there is no problem. If there are problems found it will list out all the identified programs that’re causing your Chrome to act funny. For more tips and tricks with Chrome be sure to check out more posts from us. Mastering the tool you use in your daily work or life will pay off its dividends.



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