Using just a Mouse to Experience the Touch in Windows 8 with Windows Simulator



If you are like me only tasting this new Windows 8 on a machine that doesn’t have a touch screen, you would find this Windows Simulator that comes with the developer tool in Windows 8 Developer Preview is pretty cool. At least, you can try and see how the touch features work in Windows 8 just using your regular mouse.

You can launch the simulator,  Microsoft.Windows.Simulator, from the following folder:

c:\programe files (x86)\common files\microsoft shared\windows simulator

All content inside the simulator is just a loop back through the remote desktop session to your own desktop but the application is quite advance by offering the simulation of several touch features all through the black vertical bar attached to the simulator window. You can experience Single Touch, Zoom Gesture, Rotating the screen, and different screen sizes and resolutions, all by your mouse. Enjoy.


Credit goes to istartedsomething.



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