Using Kidsnapper to Share the Screenshots Across Network Through Browser


Kidsnapper is a portable screenshot taking and sharing tool that snaps your screen and shares it right away through the browser via an IP address. The screenshot feature provided by the tool is basic. You can take the full screen, active window, or an area of your choice. The tool registers two keyboard shortcuts for easy access, Ctrl + Print Scn for snapping an area and Shift + Print Scn for taking the full screen.


The interesting part of this tool is that it has a mini web server built in used for instant sharing. The taken screenshot are immediately available through an IP address, whether it’s local or external, that can be accessed via any web browser. You can use the option Copy my address for quick access.


The default port is 2000 but you can change it from the tool’s preferences setting window where you can also change a few other settings, such as automatically save a copy of screenshot, copy address from www service instead of using local, the quality of image, and etc..


Except for the name, the tool is fairly easy to use and can be very helpful in cases where you want to share screenshots between computers you have on the same network. It works much easier internally but will require some network setting changes in the firewall in order to make it work across the internet.



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