Using Windows 8 On-the-Go


Windows 8 boasts some great new features. And the new interface is designed to be more interactive and more lifestyle-centric than previous versions. For users wanting to take advantage of the revamped experience, having a reliable on-the-go Internet connection is a must.

Windows 8 on the road

The emphasis on web-based cloud software and applications makes the Internet and portability an even more integral part of the new generation of the web, because users want to be able to access their digital assets no matter where they are.

Wireless Internet for your Windows 8-powered laptop

Your laptop in its current state can only get an Internet signal from a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re like most people, you’d like not to have such restrictions in place, and you probably would like to be able to access the web no matter where you are. In that case, 4G Internet similar to what your smartphone uses is available for your Windows 8-powered laptop.

Wireless broadband equipment at adapts mobile broadband technology to your computer using a portable USB modem. The equipment also adapts to your PC, so you can completely replace your home Internet service with wireless 4G service and get portable Internet under the same plan.

Surface brings a more portable Windows 8 experience

Microsoft surface 3If you want even more convenient, portable Windows 8 computing, you might want to wait a few months until Microsoft releases its Surface tablet. The device comes preloaded with Windows 8 software and features a cover that, when folded back, reveals a low-profile keyboard. The Surface is Microsoft’s first company-designed computing device, and will let Windows 8 users take advantage of the all-new operating system on-the-go.

While it remains to be seen whether the Surface will have the same impact as the iPad or other tablets, it’s a fact that Surface will be the only tablet with Windows 8. And for Microsoft software fans, that may be the only thing that matters.



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