ViStart to Enable Start Menu (Windows Orb) in Windows 8


Microsoft has decided to retire the age old Start Menu in Windows 8 for some good reasons. And we all should move on and live in a Window that doesn’t have a start menu. I feel I am totally fine with it after a lengthy use of Windows 8 but if missing Start Menu is one of the reasons to prevent you from moving forward. Here is a very neat tool that can help you out.

ViStart is a free customize tool that enhances with Start Menu in Windows 8 with cool custom start menu skins, start menu buttons and lot’s of extra features. It’s actually a tool that not only works in Windows 8 but also enhances the start menus in XP, Vista, and Windows 7 as well.

Just download it from the website and install it on your windows computer. The installation embeds two adware pieces that you can decline to get installed. Make sure pay a little more attention to each wizard screen in case you want to skip those adwares.

Once you launch it, you will notice the Start Screen emerges at the location where it used to be in any previous Windows. It’s very much like what we’ve seen on our Windows 7 computers.

ViStart Start Menu Windows 8 thumb - ViStart to Enable Start Menu (Windows Orb) in Windows 8

You can set to make the application start automatically with Windows so it adds the Start Menu right at the moment you are on the desktop.

It’s quite surprising that the search box works so seamlessly that you don’t even feel it’s actually an add-on by a 3rd party tool.

Hopefully, ViStart makes you feel more comfortable moving forward with the new Windows.



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