VMware Player 6 Released with Full Windows 8.1 Support


VMware Play, my favorite virtual machine client, has a new version 6 that fully supports the upcoming Windows 8.1. It’s a full featured desktop virtualization product that not only runs virtual machines but also creates them with support of multiple different platforms. It also offers a better graphics, faster performance, with tighter integration with the host platform.

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VMware Player 6 with Windows 8.1

But the bigger change comes to its name change that also adds a clause to limit its free use for personal only. Starting as version 6, VMware Player will be limited for non-commercial use only, while VMware Player Plus will be the commercial licensed copy that will cost you $99US to have. Other than a price tag and license clause, VMware Player and VMware Player Plus are basically exactly the same thing.

The other minor improvement in version 6 is the support of running restricted virtual machines created by VMware Workstation that are encrypted, blocked USB devices, require a runtime password, and enforce an expiration date. But note that you still cannot create a restricted virtual machine in VMware Player.

If you are already running VMware Player, you will likely get the upgrade notification from the program. And I would suggest upgrading it to get prepared for the arrival of the upcoming Windows 8.1. If you haven’t used VMware Player, it may be the time to get started.

Download VMware Player | Documentation | FAQ



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