Want A Free All-in-One Online Document Management System? Try Cometdocs


Cometdocs, previously known as one of the best free online file conversion web service, has recently revamped itself to become a free online document management system that combines 4 different services into one place, online conversion, file transferring/sharing, online storing, and hosting. All services are free, most of them can be used even without registering an account. Feel free to use and go. The free accounts on Cometdocs do come with some limitations, such as 1GB free space, file size limited at 100MB, only 15 conversions per week, but also offers a couple premium accounts that offers a lot more to those who like Cometdocs services and want more.

Intuitive user interactive interface

The first thing that caught my eyes is its very nicely designed web user interface that uses the modern web technology to provide a drag-n-drop type of file uploading process, which makes uploading a file much easier. All you need to start is to find your files through your Windows Explorer, and drag drop them into the Cometdocs’ clipboard.

Cometdocs file uploader - Want A Free All-in-One Online Document Management System? Try Cometdocs

Once you have file uploaded into the Clipboard, you can drag them into one of the 4 services listed below: Convert, Transfer, Store, and Host.

File Convert

File conversion on Cometdocs has been its strength since day one, with many different types of file conversions available, mostly from PDF to many other formats, for example, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, AutoCAD, DXF, etc..

Just click Convert tab, and drag the file from Clipboard down to Convert file box. And pick one of the many conversions. If you don’t have an account registered, you can provide your email address and have the converted document delivered to you via email.

Cometdocs convert - Want A Free All-in-One Online Document Management System? Try Cometdocs

The conversion result is surprisingly good. If you have been struggling finding a decent PDF to Word converting tool, give Cometdocs a try, which may surprise you.

File Transfer

You can use File Transfer to send your uploaded file to others, again via email. Go to Transfer tab, drag down the file from clipboard down, provide email addresses for both recipients and sender, a brief message if you want, and click Transfer button.

Note that with the free account, the transfer link only stays alive for 3 days. The file will be gone after that.

Cometdocs file transfer - Want A Free All-in-One Online Document Management System? Try Cometdocs

File Store

You will have to register an account with Cometdocs in order to use its file storing service. Registering an account is free, and you can upgrade to one of the paid service later on when needed. With the free account, you can store up to 1G of data in Cometdocs cloud, with each file limited at 100MB.

File Host

You can use File Host when you want to share the file to a large group of people or share to the public. Each file uploaded to Cometdocs is automatically assigned with an unique docID and url already. You can easily find that url from Host tab. And that url is all you need to share the files to the large group or public.

Cometdocs host - Want A Free All-in-One Online Document Management System? Try Cometdocs

The hosting link will expire in 24 hours. The cool thing about the hosting feature is that if you have converted the same file to any other formats, the converted file formats will also available to download in the same download page. And that’s pretty neat.


Overall, Cometdocs is a very decent online document management system. I called it all-in-one service because it comes with 4 different features into one place. Converting, storing, transferring, and hosting the same file at the same place is pretty neat and convenience. It’s a pure web-based service, which means a modern web browser that supports HTML5 is all you need, even on a smartphone. But having a native app is always nice to have and welcomed addition when using any web services on a small screen like smartphones.


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