Want To Speed Up Your PC Boot Process? Try Out This Free Boot Accelerator


Reboot is arguably one of the best answer to a lot of problems on Windows based computers. It’s so easy to do but we all leave it as the last resort to try out. Why? Because rebooting a computer sucks. Not only does it interrupt all your work but also it usually takes so long to complete.

Argus Boot Accelerator is a free system utility that aims at shortening the time wasted in boot process by managing your startup programs. Instead of letting Windows to start all of them at the same time during the boot process, Argus Boot Accelerator optimizes them by delaying them, and starting them in sequence. It puts the wild startup programs in order and manage them through the program.

Argus Boot Accelerator thumb - Want To Speed Up Your PC Boot Process? Try Out This Free Boot Accelerator

You need to tell the program which startup programs need to be managed. By default, when the program is launched the first time after it’s installed it lists all startup programs available on your computer as unmanaged item. You can simply drag and drop them to the managed Startup Item list, or just double click them to move back and forth.

The managed startup programs will be started in the order they appear in the managed list during the system boot and logon process.

Each startup program can be managed through various options listed at the bottom of the window. Some of the important ones are:

  • Delay in seconds. This is probably the most important option to this tool.
  • Remove Duplicate prevents some programs from automatically launching by themselves and keep them tightly controlled by the program.
  • Checking for running instances prevents the entries from being started if the same instances are already running on the computer.

Argus Boot Accelerator works on most of the Windows system. It’s completely free for non-commercial use but is also available as a Pro edition at the price of $2.99US.


Basically, there are only 2 things you can do when it comes to speeding up the boot process. The ultimate simple solution is just to buy a SSD hard drive. But if this is out of your budget, this free Argus Boot Accelerator seems to be a very good candidate for you to try out.

Since I’ve already got a SSD on my computer, I haven’t tested it extensively how this helps to improve my boot experience. But theoretically, speeding up the boot time by managing the startup programs seems to make a lot of sense.

If you have any experience about this freeware, please also share it in the comment.


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