Watch Apple TV+ (free) on a Windows Device

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Apple TV Plus is Apple’s attempt in taking a slice of the entire online streaming market. Launched just a little over a year ago, currently, it’s among the cheapest to sign up for a monthly subscription. It will run you only $5 USD a month.

Apple is notoriously about locking down its eco-system, you would think in order to watch anything from Apple TV Plus you’d need an Apple TV box or at least a device from Apple running iOS or macOS. You’d be wrong, there are actually ways you can stream Apple’s original content that was licensed to stream on Apple TV Plus without hardware from Apple.

Go to and login to your Apple ID, you can stream all Apple’s original TV shows and movies from there. This is actually better than Apple’s own TV app because the web version only limits to Apple’s original content. Whereas any other Apple TV Plus via an Apple device it will also try to upsell you any rental or full movies that weren’t a part of Apple’s Apple TV Plus subscription.

This way it also opens up room for you to watch Apple TV Plus content with a Google device via Chromecast. If you have an Apple TV Plus subscription but don’t want to watch it over on your Apple device this is the way to watch it on a PC or any other smart TV that has either Chromecast built-in or via Chromecast dongle.

Also, keep in mind, Apple offers you a free Apple TV Plus subscription when you purchase a new Apple iPhone or Mac. Apple has a loss term when it comes to new device purchase, you can fake a new device if you reimagine the machine in my case I was actually offered a free one year Apple TV Plus trial when I reinstalled an old Mac. Give it a try if you have a device around that happens to require a complete format.


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