WebCamImageSave Continually Captures the Still Images from Your Webcam without Recording


WebCamImageSave is a new utility from NirSoft that allows you to easily capture a series of still images in JPEG format from your camera based on the preset interval in seconds without recording it. You can format the saved image filename with the date/time that the images were taken according to your preset preference. The common used date/time string are recommended.


You can also add a label with the date/time into the image during the capturing. You can even use the font, color to format the date/time string to make it more standout.

If the option “Automatically capture every…” is selected, the WebCamImage utility will automatically capture and save the still image every number of seconds you choose. As a result, you have a series of still images captured from the webcam during the time you run the utility.

As usual, WebCamImage is a free portal tool that doesn’t require any installation process and additional dll files. It works on pretty much all modern Windows system, from XP and above, on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

To use it, simply download it from NirSoft’s WebCamImage web page, extract it, and run it. If your webcam is already installed and plugged in your computer, you should see a live image from your camera in the main window.

One use of this utility that immediately pops up in my mind is to use it as a security camera with a recording feature in still images, since recording in video format in a lengthy time consumes huge of storage space.



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