WeTransfer is A Stylish File Transferring Web App


The market is already full of this type of web apps. But WeTransfer is probably the most stylish one that makes them quite stand out of the crowd. When I say it’s stylish, it’s something like this:

image thumb74 - WeTransfer is A Stylish File Transferring Web App

Yes, it’s actually not their design that makes the web app look so beautiful but its background advertisements wallpapers. And any individuals or companies can register an unique channel with WeTransfer to show more of their personality, brand, or the latest of work as a portfolio. Obviously, you would have to pay an annual fee at $120 to get that privilege.

WeTransfer is a Flash-based file transfer web app that allows you to transfer files up to 2G to up to 20 email addresses at one time. The uploaded files will remain on the server for two weeks before removed.

Because it’s built in flash, the user experience is very friendly. The file transferring process is pretty much the same as most of other similar web apps on the market. You select the files you want to transfer, specify the destination emails you want to share with the file and your own email address, hit the Transfer button. You will see the upload process from a real time counting clock.

Once the uploading is done, WeTransfer will sent an email with download link to the emails you specified as well as a confirmation email to yourself. Again, both emails are designed pretty and professional.

image thumb75 - WeTransfer is A Stylish File Transferring Web App

The recipients just simply click the download link to start downloading the file.

image thumb76 - WeTransfer is A Stylish File Transferring Web App

All these things are done through HTTPS channel, which ensure the security during the file transition. The website doesn’t state the details how data are being encapsulated in the Flash-based app before or after the transition. There is no words mentioning if the data is encrypted on the local computer before getting uploaded or after.

But regardless, WeTransfer is a heck of pretty file transfer web app that I may start using it from now on.


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