What is Saved in Your Jump List?


The Jump List is a new feature that comes with the new Taskbar in Windows 7. It’s basically a menu option popping up by right-clicking a Taskbar application icon. It stores up to 10 menu items that helps user to quickly locate or open the corresponding application. The feature is useful when used properly and extensively. But have you ever wondered what and where they are saved?

Basically, the Jump List information is stored in the following locations on Windows 7 and Windows 8.


But if you go into these two folders, you won’t see anything in detail, since they all seem to be in an encrypted format.

Jumplist - folder view

We will need the help from tools like JumpListView to review what’s stored in these files. Developed by NirSoft, JumpListView is a portable free utility that reads the information from the AutomaticDestinations folder, listed above, and displays the details stored in this files with information like:

  • The filename user opened
  • the date/time of the file opened
  • the ID of the application that opened the file
  • the size/time/attributes of the file
  • the full path where the physical file is stored
  • etc.

NirSoft - JumplistView

The list can also be exported a file in csv, tab-delimited, xml, or html file. Since it’s doing things only in Windows 7 and Windows 8, it will not work on any previous windows. However, you can still use JumpListView to read data from an external hard drive that hosts the installation of Windows 7/8. And you can do so through “Advanced Options”.




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