What is this SkyDrive Pro?


If you have Office 2013 Customer Preview installed, you will see this SkyDrive Pro showing up in the context menu from any folder but greyed out.

Office 2013 SkyDrive Pro

What is SkyDrive Pro?

Since it’s greyed out we can’t really check and see what it is. Microsoft didn’t specifically mention this during the launch either. Only Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog shield a little bit light about this in a blog post “The New SharePoint”.

SkyDrive Pro – SkyDrive Pro makes it easy it to work with your documents in SharePoint – save, sync, share and collaborate are all drop-dead simple. The name conveys the simplicity and increased consistency with our SkyDrive consumer cloud service while reinforcing the “Pro” features of SharePoint like social networking, collaboration, search, metadata, workflow and compliance. Click “Sync” on a SharePoint library and you will get the documents offline in the Windows Explorer, Office applications and more. SkyDrive Pro is part of both the SharePoint service in Office 365 and server.

Aha…this SkyDrive Pro actually has little to do with the SkyDrive we’ve already known of. Here are the better definition of both of them, via TheWindowsClub:

SkyDrive is available free to individuals and will be available seamlessly as part of Office 365 Home Premium along with 20GB of additional storage (Preview is available now). SkyDrive is for people to sync their personal files across their devices and to the cloud.

SkyDrive Pro is a feature in the next release of SharePoint that allows organizations to provision and manage personal cloud storage for their employees. It is for people to sync their work files across devices and to their enterprise cloud (SharePoint). People can easily see personal and work files from both places together in Windows Explorer and Office apps.



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