What is This Windows 10 S Edition?


You might have heard the rumor about Windows 10 Cloud lately, but today on May 2, 2017, Microsoft officially rechristened its Windows 10 Cloud as Windows 10 S and officially launched it at an Education-centric event in New York City.

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What does the “S” stand for?

Despite the fact that it is a version of Windows aimed at the education market and meant to be the answer to Chrome OS, the “S” in Windows 10 S doesn’t stand for “Student.

It stands for many things, Security, Simplicity, and Superior. More officially speaking, it stands for “Soul“, as Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, mentioned during the event. PCs running Windows 10 S will be more secure, locked-down Windows devices available from both PC makers and Microsoft at a variety of price points. It could be as low as $189 on some devices. Even better, all machines will ship with a free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition.

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Photo Credit: The Verge

What can be run on Windows 10 S

The “S” in Windows 10 S could also mean Store applications since you can only run Windows Store applications only, including Win32 applications published on Windows Store. Since all apps published on Windows Store will be verified, Microsoft claims that the devices running Windows 10 S will be more secure, reliable, and manageable.

Microsoft has also tweaked the login process on Windows 10 S. Devices running Windows 10 S will take around 15 seconds to be ready for a student to log in and use for the first time. You can also set up machines using a USB drive with pre-configured options. Windows 10 S will simply detect the drive and customize all settings ready in a school.

Is Windows 10 S upgradable?

Microsoft is adding an exit for those who finds Windows 10 S too restricted. Windows 10 S will be upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro. The upgrade is free for educators but will cost $49 for those who don’t get Windows 10 S through the education channels.


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