What is Windows Spotlight and How To Enable and Use it


Windows Spotlight is a new Lock Screen feature in Windows 10 that shows you the beautiful images from Bing and certain running Windows apps. While turned on, you, as the end user, get to vote the Lock Screen images so you can curate the types of images that will be displayed on your Lock Screen. For example, if you’ve “liked” images of nature, you will start seeing more images of nature showing up on your Lock Screen.

To enable Windows Spotlight, you will first need to update your Windows build to the latest stable one, or Build 10547 in fast ring. Then, open Settings app, go to Personalization and Lock Screen, and select Windows spotlight from Background.

Enable Windows Spotligth

Then, once it’s enabled, next time when you are Lock Screen, you will notice a voting button popping up at the top right section waiting for you to give the opinion about the current image that fills up the screen at the moment.

Windows Spotlight - Lock Screen



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