What To Do When USB 2.0 Hub Driver Stops Working


My main computer was having a very annoying problem that prevented me from connecting any USB devices to it. It always prompted a message saying the USB driver cannot be installed. And when I went to the Device Manager, I saw the USB 2.0 Hub driver showing as an unknown device under Other Devices with a yellow exclamation mark on it.

Looks like a new driver was needed. But since USB 2.0 is a generic system driver that doesn’t require any special drivers from 3rd party vendors since XP, where should I go to find and replace the corrupted driver? I’d been scratching my head and was at the edge of going the process of reinstalling everything when I finally found the easy fix. Thanks to Sarkie’s Site.

Here is how:

1. Locate the latest original USB 2.0 driver from the following folder.


Here is what’s on my computer.

Widnows DriverStore

2. Copy everything in that folder to


3. Once done, go back to Device Manager, uninstall USB 2.0 Hub from the list and re-scan for new hardware. The USB 2.0 driver will be installed successfully using the driver we just copied.

It worked like a charm on my computer.



  1. i have hp probook 450 g4 and my usb 2.0 driver is missing in device manager!!!!!!!!!!
    when i open (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf_amd64_ebcab8a14ba66a64) i found only tow files:
    what i have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can use usb 3.0 ports but i can not use 2.0 ports
    and the 3.0 port can work with device 3.0 but can not work with 2.0 devices


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