Where is Compatibility View in IE 11, And How To Use It?


The Compatibility View button, introduced first in IE 8, is a button in address bar that when pressed, can quickly turn a IE 8 or later incompatible site work properly in a later version of IE. It’s useful to those who haven’t had time making their site modern IE user friendly but unfortunately it’s disappeared in IE11.

Compatibility View Button in IE 10
Compatibility View Button in IE 10

It’s go, and you won’t see it existed in IE’s address bar anymore.

No Compatibility View Button in IE 11
No Compatibility View Button in IE 11

So, why it’s removed in IE 11?

According to this Microsoft Technet document,

the Compatibility View button would attempt to fix a broken standards-based website, by getting the page to appear like it did in Internet Explorer 7. Today however, more standards-based websites are broken by attempting to appear like they did in Internet Explorer 7. So instead of implementing and using Compatibility View, developers are updating their server configuration to add X-UA-Compatible meta tags, which forces the content to the “edge”, making the Compatibility View button disappear. In support of these changes, the Compatibility View button has been completely removed for Internet Explorer 11.

And here is what you can do, if you still want it

While a site is up, click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of your IE window and choose Compatibility View settings.

Compatibility View settings in IE11

And click OK to add the domain name into the website list that IE will be turning on Compatibility View automatically for you.

Compatibility View Settings - 2013-11-04 13_25_01

I have to admit that it’s cumbersome to use but unfortunately that’s the only way that turns a site in compatibility view in IE 11.



  1. I sure miss the icon. I am currently on IE10 at work. I am constantly having to change the compatibility setting. At home I am on IE11 with windows 8.1, I would go back to IE10 if I could just for that ICON. I will NOT go to IE11 at work until forced to, just because of the icon being gone. As a developer its nice to know at a glace how your app looks in normal or the compatible modes.


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