Where Is Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7?


It takes time to get use to the new Windows 7 UI, especially if you were a person rely on the quick launch in the previous Windows. We have few tips that can help you to get know your new task bar and feel free to discover more changes in the new Windows 7 taskbar. At meantime, the adaptation to the new UI meaning the “old becomes new” again. One frequent tool I used to use before getting know the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts is the “Show Desktop” shortcut in the quick launch. (While you can achieve the same function by pressing GetContent - Where Is Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7?+D to bring you to the Desktop)

The new Show Desktop located on the bottom right of the task bar, it’s not an icon any more, instead now its a little bar that is glowing next to the Time/Date.

showdesktopwindows7 - Where Is Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7?

If you hover over the most right and you will see the “Show Desktop” by clicking it it will bring you to the desktop. (Same as the show desktop icon in quick launch). While you are hover over the Show desktop “bar” you will see the new aero peek that can let you preview and see through all the running application straight to your desktop.

So there it is, your new “Show Desktop”  icon in the Windows 7.



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