What is The Easiest Way to Find Your Newest Installed Program in Windows 7 [Tips]


There are many ways to find a installed program in Windows 7, including the newest installed program. But what is the easiest way then? Here is what I found, not sure if you noticed though.

In Start Menu, the last item in the Recently opened list is actually the newest program installed on the machine. Here is where the Recently Opened is located in Start Menu in case you are wondering.


Let’s take look what’s in there right now on my Windows 7 machine.


Yes, the newest installed on my Windows 7 is the new released Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

Now, let me install the new released Microsoft Security Essential and see what’s changed.


Sure enough, the last item in Start Menu Recent Opened list has been replaced with the one I just installed.

Note that, this little tip only applies to the programs that have never been installed on the same machine before.



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