Which Browser Consumes The Battery The Most in Windows 10


If you are a mobile Windows user with a laptop or tablet that runs on Windows 10, you may want to know which web browser will bring you the maximum battery time possible. Interesting topic, right? Our friends in Digital Citizen, used to be called 7Tutorials, did a very comprehensive comparison that compares all 5 major browsers head-to-head on 3 separate Windows 10 devices, both old and new. The result is quite interesting.

Here are the result on 3 different Windows 10 devices:

On Asus ZenBook UX305F:


On Surface Pro 3:


And on Toshiba Portege Z20t-B:


As you have seen in this comparison, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are your best options when you need to save battery. Your savings vary depending on your device and how intensively you use each browser. In this particular testing, the testers saved anywhere between 30 and 59 minutes when using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome.

So, a few things I learned from this interesting experiment.

  • Chrome drinks the most juice out of your batter comparing to others. It’s the worst in terms of saving the power.
  • Surface Pro 3 has the worst batter life among 3 Windows 10 devices tested.
  • Internet Explorer still rocks, in some way somehow.
  • Another tiny reason moving towards Microsoft Edge.

If you are interested in how the test was done, check it out on Digital Citizen.



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