Windows 10 Creators Update Download Resources and Options


Windows 10 Creative Update is due to launch on April 11 worldwide, but Microsoft is starting to make Windows 10 Creators Update available for download to users like you and me who simply don’t like to wait. Here is a summary of the various download sources and channels that you can use to download the update from this point on.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Go to the Download Windows 10 website, click Update now button to download this little tool called Upgrade Assistant. The tool is quite small, only 6MB, but it’s the easiest path to get your Windows 10 system to the latest build available to the public.

Media Creation Tool

Go to the same Download Windows 10 website, and click Download tool now button to start downloading the Media Creation Tool, a small tool that allows users download Windows 10 ISO image file directly from Microsoft, bypassing the Windows 10 Product Key. It’s a perfect way to start installing a Windows 10 system from fresh.

Launch the tool, select the second option “Create installation media“, and click Next to the next step.

Select the language, edition, and the architecture, then move to the next step.

Now choose one of two media options to use, either USB flash drive or ISO file, and you are good to go.

Refresh Tool

Go to the Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10 website, and click Download tool now to start downloading the Refresh Tool, a tool that is suitable for users who want to perform a clean install from Windows 10 versions prior to Creators Update. If you are already on Creators Update, it’s recommended that you should use the newer Fresh Start feature introduced in the Windows 10 Creators Update to start fresh with a clean installation of the latest version of Windows 10.

Windows Insider Preview

You can also download the latest Windows 10 build released to the slow ring right from this Windows 10 Insider Preview Download page. Scroll down the page and select the edition from the drop-down menu you would like to download.

Windows 10 update history and catalog

If you are not aware, Microsoft has a page that keeps all Windows 10 update history, from the initial version released back in July 2015 all the way to the latest build 15063.13 as of now. It’s a great place to bookmark so you can always go back anytime when looking for a specific build is needed.

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