Windows 10: Displaying System and App Icons in Notification Area (System Tray)


The bottom right corner of your desktop, previously known as System Tray, has got a new name called Notification Area in Windows 10 that provides a temporary source for notifications and status of your system and apps, as the purpose of delivering information, warnings to you without being too annoying or distracting.

Windows 10 Notification Area

And because the space in that area is very limited, there are more apps hiding in the hidden area that can be extended by clicking the up arrow at the right side of Notification Area.

Windows 10 - notification area with hidden area open

Now you can customize them to decide which apps are getting displayed in the notification area and which stay in the hidden area.

Go to StartSettingsSystem → Notification & actions, and click a link called Select which icons appear on the taskbar.

Settings - Notification - select icons

Now you see the whole list of apps that you can toggle on and off to get them displayed or hide in the Notification Area. There is even an icon that lets you to turn everything on, which most likely will get you too overwhelmed with the things you see.

Settings - Notification - select icons - all icons

Obviously, not all apps listed there have the icon set for notification. So that’s why the list of the icons in Notification Area and its hidden area is much shorter than the complete list.

The change you make here takes place right away so there is no Save button here for saving purpose. Click Back button to go back to the Settings window.

Now, click “Turn System icons on or off” link to customize which system icons to show in the Notification Area.

Settings - Notification - system icons

The number of available system icons may vary, depending on the system you are running. By default, you have Clock, Volume, Network, and Action Center turned on. And this is the place where you can customize to turn on/off the system icons in the Notification Area, if you even have the needs to do so.



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