Windows 10 New Feature: Limit Bandwidth for Windows Update


Windows Update takes a lot of internet bandwidth. Sometimes, the update could be a few gigabits and it could use up all your internet bandwidth to take down your entire network for a while. There is no way to limit the bandwidth used for Windows Update, until now.

Microsoft finally adds this long overdue feature requested by many Windows 10 users on Windows 10 since build 16237. Though it’s only available for Windows Insiders at the moment, it should be and will be part of the upcoming Windows 10 Falls Creators Update.

And here is how to enable and adjust the setting.

Open Settings app, go to Update & Security and click Advanced options under Update settings.

Then, click Delivery Optimization link.

Next, go to another Advanced options section.

And here you go, a new section where you can enable and adjust the settings to limit the bandwidth used for Windows Update.

By default, Windows will dynamically optimize the download and upload bandwidth used for Windows and app updates. But you can manually set up the limits for yourself if you like. You can set limits separately for download and upload. For upload, you can even set up a cap for monthly upload.

For those who are yet on Windows Insiders program but are having the problem dealing with Windows Update bandwidth issue, check out this what-to-do post.


  1. Already know the criterion of how Windows will identify the total bandwidth available to calculate the percentage on it? I did not see anything about it in the screenshots. Is it the same way as the QoS Packet Scheduler?

    I hope it does not consider the speed indicated on the connection of the network card, which is not usually the same as the internet. Will we need new modems and routers that will report this to Windows?

    • Good question. Now that you’ve mentioned, I actually prefer the idea to set the limitation in Kbps. But I guess for the general users the percentage may work better. Let’s see how much improvement Microsoft could put in to make it better.


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