Windows 10 New Feature: Native MKV and FLAC Support


Another new Build 9860 has been released. If you are trying Windows 10 and haven’t got chance to update, it’s time to do so (here is how you can do it). And once you are updated, you will be able to experience something quite awesome, because 2 popular media codecs, MKV and FLAV, will be supported natively out of the box in this build.

If you don’t have a MKV coded media file ready, head over to Jellyfish and download one so you can test it out immediately.

Windows 10 - MKV support

MKV files will show thumbnails and metadata seamlessly in File Explorer, and can be played directly from Windows Media Player and modern apps.

FLAC, which stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec”, is a very effective media format for streaming because it can shrink a file to half the size of its original size but when decompressed the file goes right back to its original size. So it’s a great news that Windows now supports it out of the box.

It’s worth noting that these native media codecs support is OS level support so both Windows desktop applications and Modern Apps will be able to take advantage of it without any further codec converting involved.



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