Windows 10 Quick Tip: A Quick Way to Look Up Your IP Address


There are many ways to find out your computer’s IP address in Windows 10. You can go through the Network and Sharing Center (about 6 clicks), or find it in the System Information window (a few keystrokes plus a few clicks), or use command line IPConfig in a Command Prompt window (a few keystrokes plus one or two clicks to open the Command Prompt window).

Turns out, Microsoft has this information available right in the Task Manager.

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open up the Task Manager, switch to Performance tab, and click the network adapter. The IP address assigned or set to that adapter is displayed right there underneath the real-time throughput graph.

IP address in Task Manager

And of course, these addresses are for internal use only. To find the external address of your network (the address that is open to the public), type What’s my IP address in Google to find out.

What's my IP address - Google Search - 2016-05-16 23_14_53

Credit goes to Ed Bott for sharing this tip on ZDnet.



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