Windows 10 Quick Tip: How To Enable Desktop Peek Preview


Since Windows 7, the Show Desktop icon has been moved to the far end of the Tasbar, on your right if it’s at the bottom of your screen with a peek feature added to preview desktop when you just hover your mouse cursor over it.

But starting in Windows 8 and Windows 10, the peek feature has been turned off by default for no reason and has to be turned on if you need to preview your desktop without actually minimizing all open windows.

To turn the Peek feature back on in Windows 10, right-click the empty space on Taskbar, and go to Properties. Under Taskbar tab, you will find the setting “Use Peek to preview the desktop…” right above the Multiple displays section.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties - 2015-07-24 15_32_20

Check the option, and click OK to save the change. You now have got the Desktop Peek feature back. If you have placed Taskbar at the bottom of your desktop, you can move your cursor over to the bottom right corner of your screen to peek through what’s on your desktop. If you are using a tablet like Surface, you will need to use the Pen to utilize this feature.



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