Windows 10 Quick Tip: How To Pin Run Command Box to Start and Taskbar


Yes, you can always use Win + R keyboard shortcut to launch the Run command box but for die-hard Run box user, it should be pinned on the Taskbar so it can always be seen and launched right away.

Click Start button and start typing “Run”. When you see the Run command showing up in the search result right-click on it. You will see both Pin to Start and Pin to taskbar option in the context menu.

Windows 10 - find Run command

Choosing Pin to taskbar option will have the Run command box pinned on the Taskbar.

The Run command box on Taskbar

And selecting Pin to Start will have the Run box pinned on the Start in the Start menu.

Run box on Start

And if you already have Run box open, you can right-click the Run command box icon on the Taskbar and choose Pin to taskbar to pin it to the taskbar right there.

Windows 10 - Pin Run box on Taskbar

Also, note that you can also do the same on Windows 8.1 computer as well.



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