Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049 is All About Project Spartan


As promised, the Project Spartan made its official debut in the latest Windows 10 TP build 10049. If you have been testing Windows 10 you should head over to Update and Recovery to get this build installed so you can take look at Microsoft’s next browser and get your hands on it for the first time.

Windows 10 TP - update

Unless you haven’t been following what’s happening in Windows 10, you probably already know what the Project Spartan is and how it’s going to impact the ancient Internet Explorer.

The first feeling I had when I clicked on that little blue icon on the taskbar, it’s simple, light, and very spartan. It’s so spartan that it doesn’t have enough to check about. Other than a nice annotation feature that lets you write notes right on the web page you are viewing, there are not much new stuff to look at, to be honest. But hey, this is just the first beta to the public. I bet there will be a lot more features added to the final release.

Project Spartan - Web note

Regardless of how much features Project Spartan has at the moment, you should try it out and get the feel about it. It’s the future of Microsoft’s new browser and it’s one that should have replaced IE years ago.

Project Spartan is part of Windows 10 TP Build 10049 which is only released to the Fast ring. If you are currently in Slow ring, you should switch over to Fast so it will show up in your updates.



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