Windows 10 Timeline Extension for Google Chrome


If you are a Chrome user who also pays attention to Windows 10’s Timeline, you are probably disappointed as none of your Chrome activities have been recorded. You may also wonder why. It’s simply because there is no bridge between the two services.

Well, this has changed now. Microsoft released a Chrome extension called Web Activities that finally fills the gap. With this extension, your browsing history will appear across all your devices in surfaces such as in Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android.

Head over to its Chrome Web Store in Chrome, and click Add to Chrome button to add the extension to your Chrome browser.

Once installed, click the Web Activities button in the Chrome bar, and click Sign in button.

image 27 - Windows 10 Timeline Extension for Google Chrome

Sign in with your Microsoft Account credential and grant the the extension’s access to your account.

image 29 - Windows 10 Timeline Extension for Google Chrome

Once done, you are all set. Windows 10’s Timeline will take care of the rest.

From this point on, your browsing activities will be properly recorded in your Timeline and synced across all your devices that utilizes Timeline, including Microsoft Launcher on Android.


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