Windows 10 Tip: Can I Clean Up Downloads Folder Automatically?


The Downloads folder is a preset folder in Windows for every user profile. It’s also a default download location for almost all web browsers in Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you don’t take care of it regularly, the stuff could be accumulated in there quite quickly, especially when you often download all kinds stuff from the internet.

Windows 10 has added a new feature in Storage sense that can automatically clean up the download folder for you. Here is how you can turn it on.

Open Settings app, go to System > Storage and click “Change how we free up space” link.

Switch on the option “Delete files in my Downloads folder that haven’t changed for over 30 days“. And you are all set.

You can either leave it now or click the “Clean now” button to clean up all your selected folders in the Settings app.

The new feature was just added to Windows 10 since build 16199 which is only available to Windows Insiders for the moment.



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