Windows 10 Tip: Getting Reminders from Sticky Notes with Cortana


This is a pretty cool feature available in Windows 10 Anniversary Update that integrates Sticky Notes with Cortana to create notes for reminders. And here is how to use it.

Enable it through Sticky Notes

First of all, make sure the feature is enabled in Sticky Notes app. The feature is enabled by default but to be safe, you can double check before heading to the next step.

Create a blank note if you don’t have any notes at the moment, click the Menu button (…), then the Settings button (gear icon), and turn on Enable insights setting.

Also, this feature requires Cortana to work. If you have disabled Cortana on your Windows 10 computer, you will need to either re-enable it or forget about this feature.

How to use it

Once you enabled the Insights feature, you can start creating notes in Sticky Notes. The important data you type into the notes such as dates and phone numbers will automatically turn blue like a hyperlink text. Click on these blue underlined dates, a short menu slides up from the bottom of the note with an option called Add Reminder that lets you create a new reminder using Cortana.


If it’s a phone number you are clicking in the notes, well, you can make a phone call right away. It would be super convenient when you are using a soft-phone with a VoIP system.




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