Windows 10 Tip: How To Clean Up Temporary Files on Each Hard Drive


The storage management feature in Windows 10 really rocks. It’s so easy now that you can clean up annoying temporary files across all hard drives you have installed on your computer without 3rd party cleanup tools such as CCleaner or the old-school Disk Cleanup tool that comes with Windows.

Launch Settings app, go to Systems, and then Storage. I have 3 hard drives installed on my computer so this is what I see in Storage section.

Settings - System - Storage

Now let’s go into each of the drives and see if there are any temporary files that need to be cleaned up.

Settings - System - Storage - C Drive

Scroll down almost to the bottom of the section and click Temporary files if it’s not empty.

Settings - System - Storage - C Drive - Temporary Files

Well, as you can see, it shows not only the temporary files accumulated in the system drive but also other stuff that could be considered as junk as well, e.g. Recycle bin and previous version of Windows. It’s time to click Delete button to clean them all up.

Once the system drive gets cleaned, it’s also a good idea checking out the other disk drives as well. Since Windows 10 lets you install software on any drive besides the one that loads Windows, there are good chances that these drives will have temporary files accumulated over the time.

That’s about it, it’s just that easy. No more 3rd party tools involved, nor the tricks for using Disk Cleanup tool to clean up the junks. It’s all there in Settings tool now in Windows 10.



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