Windows 10 Tip: How To Get Access to the Advanced Boot Options Menu


The Advanced Boot Options menu has quite a few weapons to troubleshoot many of the Windows 10 problems, such as Reset your PC, Restore to a previous state, Boot to a different system, Boot to Safe mode, etc. And here are six ways how to get access to it on your Windows 10 computers.

If you can still access to your computer

Here are three ways to get into the Boot Options menu.

Way #1 – Start menu

Go to Start menu and Power button, then hold the Shift key and left-click Restart.

Windows will then automatically boot in Advanced Boot Options in a few moments.

Way #2 – Settings app

Open Settings app → Update & security → Recovery, and click Restart now button in Advanced startup section.

Way #3 – Command line

Press Win + R to bring up the Run dialog box or open Command Prompt window, and run the following command line.

shutdown /r /o

The switch /r is to restart the computer while the /o is to go to the advanced boot options menu after the restart.

If you can’t get to your system

Here are three options you can try.

Way #4 – wait

Yes, you heard that right. By default, Windows will go straight to advanced boot options after it fails to start up for straight three times.

This happens after three consecutive failed reboot attempts.

Windows goes into recovery mode and one of the options there is to reset the computer, the other is to Advanced options.

Way #5 – Windows 10 recovery drive

A Windows recovery drive can troubleshoot many Windows problems in case Windows is not starting. It’s always a good idea to have one around. But if you don’t, you can still create one from another Windows 10 computer.

Way #6 – Windows 10 installation media

If none of above worked, boot from Windows 10 installation media and click “Repair” option to access Windows 10 boot options.

That’s about it for now.



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