Windows 10 Tip: How To Pin Your Favorite Music to Start


Groove Music is Microsoft’s answer to iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, or even Spotify. Not only is it a beautiful digital music solution on Windows, but is an awesome modern universal app that tightly integrates with Windows in ways that is impossible with traditional desktop apps. Being able to pin any of your favorite songs, albums, artists, or even radio stations is one of them.

The act of pinning in Groove Music works exactly as others, either right-click with your Mouse or tap and hold on with your finger on the touch screen, and choose “Pin to Start” from the popup menu.

Groove Music - Pin to Start
Groove Music – Pin Album to Start
Groove Music - Pin Song to Start
Groove Music – Pin Song to Start
Groove Music - Pin Artist to Start
Groove Music – Pin Artist to Start

Now that I’ve pinned 3 things in Groove Music to Start, let’s take look my Start menu to see what it looks like.

Start Menu - with pinned music

Like any other pinned tiles, these music tiles can be rearranged and regroup as needed. And of course, you can name the group as you do to others.

With your favorite songs, albums, or artists pinned in Start, you can easily access the musics you like in a quicker way. Clicking any of the pinned music items will launch Groove Music app and start playing it right away.



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