Windows 10 Tip: How To Resize Two Side-by-Side Snapped Window Simultaneously


The snapping feature has gotten a lot better in Windows 10 than in previous Windows. Other than more snapping options that extend to 4 corners and the snap assist that makes snapping addition windows easier, there is another pretty cool feature that I wasn’t aware of until lately.

When you have two windows snapped side-by-side, you can actually resize both of them at the same time so they stay visible after the resizing. Here is how:

Simply move the cursor to the middle where two snapped windows meet and look for the shadow bar that shows up, indicating that the resizing feature is now active.

Windows 10 - snap resize shadow bar

Now click and hold down your left mouse button and drag your mouse left/right to resize either one of the windows. Moving to the right will reduce the right window in width and increase the left window the space the right one loses. And vice versa when moving to the left. During the dragging to resize, a solid black bar will appear next to the window that is currently active. The other window’s size will not change until the mouse button is released.

Snapped Windows Resizing

That’s it. Pretty cool, right?



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