Windows 10 Tip: How To Use Cortana’s Built-in Dictionary


Just like what you can do to Google as your go-to dictionary when there is a need to find out the meaning of certain words, you can do the same with Cortana as well.

By default, Cortana will analyse the words you put in before spilling out the result for you. If she suspects that finding the meaning of the word is what you are trying to do, she will turn to the Oxford Dictionaries that powers Cortana in the background instead of a Bing search. For example, type “what does traumatic mean” in Cortana, you will get a definition of the word “traumatic” in return, shown as the result in Best match at the top of the result.

cortana - dictionary

Even better, you can force Cortana to use the built-in dictionary engine to look up a word by typing “define” followed by a space and the word you want.

So, type “define traumatic” in Cortana, you will get the same result shown above, in the Best match section at the top of the list.

Cortana - define a word

Either clicking on the result or just hitting the Enter key takes you to the expanded definition.

Cortana - expanded definition

If that’s still not enough, click on the “see more results on Bing” to see the full definition on the web in Microsoft Edge browser.

It’s quite handy. Hope you enjoy.



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