Windows 10 Tip: How To Use Cortana’s Hidden Calculator and Converter


If you have used Google long enough you probably already know that you can make Google also be your calculator or unit converter. Well, do you also know you can do the same with Cortana in Windows 10?

Let’s take look…

Assume Cortana is enabled on your Windows 10 computer, you can perform some simple math calculations by just pressing Windows key and typing the formula in the search box.Make sure your formula uses the correct standard operators, such as:

  • + for addition
  • – for subtraction
  • * for multiplication
  • / for division
  • % for percentages
  • ^ for exponentiation
  • () for grouping
  • etc.

The result of your calculation shows up at the top of the search result list.

Windows 10 - cortana - calculator

What’s amazing is that if you want to do more calculations, you can just hit Enter key to open the full calculator right inside the Cortana window, like below.

Windows 10 - cortana - full calculator

If your formula or question is related to a unit conversion, Cortana will automatically use its built-in converter to do the job for you. That includes length, volume, temperature, time, energy, etc. Simply type the question in the search box, like “35 gallons in liters”, and Cortana will display the answer right at the top of the search result.

Windows 10 - Cortana - unit conversion

Press Enter to open up the full unit converter right inside the Cortana window to do more calculations.

Windows 10 - Cortana - full unit converter

You can click the top box to change to the different type of unit converters. There are a full list of them to choose from, which covers pretty much all your needs.

Windows 10 - Cortana - type of unit converter

And of course, you can use Cortana to be your currency exchange calculator as well. For example, to find out how much $300USD is worth in CAD, type “300 USD in CAD” in Cortana,

Windows 10 - Cortana - Exchange conversion

And press Enter to open the full exchange converter if you want to do other foreign currency exchange calculations.

Windows 10 - cortana - full exchange conversion

Note that the calculator or unit converter disappears as soon as you click away. You can’t copy the formula or its result from Cortana window either.

I am pretty sure there are a lot more Cortana search can do in regards to being a calculator or unit converter. So, keep digging it up.



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