Windows 10 Tip: What is Windows Defender Security Center


This is the introduction of Windows Defender Security Center by Microsoft.

In the Windows 10 Creators Update, we will introduce a new experience called the Windows Defender Security Center to make it is easier for you to view and control the security protections you choose and better understand the security features already protecting you on your Windows 10 device. Windows Insiders can explore this experience now under All Apps in the Start Menu and provide feedback through the Insider Feedback hub.

The name is kind confusing. It’s not just Windows Defender built in Windows 10 but a dashboard that provides you an overview of how secure your device is and what kind of protections you have in place.

It’s not a setting you can find in the Settings app. It’s a universal app you can launch directly. Type “Defender Security Center” in Cortana, you can find and launch the app there.

There are 5 pillars in the center that give you control and visibility of your device’s security, health, and online safety experience.

Virus & threat protection

If you are using the built-in Windows Defender as your anti-virus system, you will see the scan results and threat history in this section.

If you are not using Windows Defender but another 3rd party AV software, you will be able to launch the protection app directly there too.

Device performance & health

This section provides a single view of your latest Windows updates, drivers, battery life, and storage capacity. You also have the option to start fresh with a clean install of Windows there too.

Firewall & network protection

See for yourself.

There are a bunch of links to network troubleshooting information at the bottom of the window as well.

Family Options

This page can link you to information about parental controls, options for setting up good screen time habits, setting up activity reports of your kids’ online activity and managing controls for purchasing apps and games. You can also view the health and safety of your family’s devices from this centralized location.

There is also another tab that is not available on my computer. Called App & browser control, it’s a place that allows you to adjust settings for SmartScreen for apps and browsers helping you be more informed and stay safer online by warning you of potential malicious sites, downloads and unrecognized apps and files from the Internet.

Despite the confusing name, Windows Defender Security Center is a good idea having a centralized dashboard that gives you a quick view of how your device stands in your day-to-day work environment.


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