Windows 11 is Here


I thought Windows 10 was the last Windows we will ever have from Microsoft. But guess whoever made that statement was wrong because the rumor once again turned out to be right.

Microsoft announced Windows 11 today on June 24, 2021

image 12 600x297 - Windows 11 is Here

No more live tiles, just the apps, recent documents, and a separate search interface from the Start Menu that can be centered on the taskbar.

A new Snap Layouts that allow you to quickly snap apps into the various modes, which can also be remembered to ensure that apps always open on the correct screen.

The updates are also 40% smaller and more efficient as they can be done in the background.

And how about the Teams is integrated directly into the taskbar?

image 13 600x327 - Windows 11 is Here

Windows Widgets also come back with a whole new set of touch gestures.

Lastly, a new redesigned Store app that supports for Android apps on Windows, including TikTok and Instagram.

And it will be free upgrade to all Windows 10 users.

Official release? no firm date yet but estimated will be around October.


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