Windows 7 Aero Shake & Snap with Keyboard Shortcut


The new Windows 7 introduced few new unique features, which you won’t find in Macintosh or Linux. Aero Snap is a new feature that allows you to drag your window onto the edge and the whole window will auto resize. For example, when you drag a window to the right edge, the new window will auto resize to fit just right half of your whole desktop. Vice versa when you drag the window to the left, it will fit the left half of your monitor.

Drag the window to the top edge, it will auto resize to fix maximum. To restore previous windows size just drag window out from the edge. This will automatically resize the window to its original size.

050809 0502 windows7aer12 - Windows 7 Aero Shake & Snap with Keyboard Shortcut

Aero Shake, works when you have multiple windows open at the same time, this will allow you to hide the other window other than the one you’ve selected. When you select a window, hold the top bar and shake, shake it real hard. And Woha ! You should see all your other windows minimized to the Super bar

Some keyboard shortcut that also does the job.

Windows key + Home = Aero Shake (hide all window other than the current active window)

Windows + up arrow = Snap top (maximize current window)

Windows + down arrow = Minimize to the Super Bar

Windows + left/right arrow = Snap left/right

Windows + T = Preview/Scan active windows in Super Bar to open press enter

Windows + (+/-) to zoom in/out

Windows + Space = preview desktop all active window become transparent

Some old useful windows keyboard shortcuts:

Windows + E = launch Windows Explorer

Windows + D = Show Desktop

Windows + M = Minimize all windows

Windows + Tab = Aero application switcher

Alt + PrintScreen = print current windows only

Video via Lifehacker


  1. “The new Windows 7 introduced few new unique features, which you won’t find in Macintosh or Linux. ” You got to be the most retarded person on Earth to think that those features are new, try actually using a Linux distro or Machitosh before saying anything.

  2. I really like this feature set in Win7 yes some of them are new, but the ‘snap’ feature is just a repackaging of tiling. Typical of Microsoft to rename something old and present it as if they invented something new. And also show the hardest way of doing it ie grab with mouse and ‘shake, shake, shake or drag drag drag’ when a simple and elegant set of shortcuts do the trick.

    Anyway thanks for informing us about ‘all’ the neat desktop management functions.


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