Windows 7 Edition Switcher Easily Changes Your ISO from Home to Ultimate


Windows 7 has so many editions, from Starter all the way to Ultimate. If you want to install Ultimate edition you basically will have to download the Ultimate version of ISO.

However, it’s not the case in reality if you look deep down. They are just single-version that uses the same content of ISO. Yes, you hear me right. All editions are using the exact same ISO. All that different in each edition is just a text file that ends with .ini as the extension name. And yes, you can manually edit it in any plain text editor but this Windows 7 Edition Switcher makes the whole process a lot easier.

Simply pick the patch file you need from the ones included in the zip file, pick your ISO, and bingo. The ISO patched and ready to go. No need other tools needed.

image71 - Windows 7 Edition Switcher Easily Changes Your ISO from Home to Ultimate

As the guy who developed this tool suggested, make sure verify the SHA-1 hash of the final file and compare that with Microsoft’s official hash to verity that the patch was successfully completed and authenticated.

Also, please note that this won’t do any good for you if you don’t have a proper license product key. You will still need the key to use the right edition.

Windows 7 ISO image edition switcher [via Download Squad]


  1. Of course you will need the proper license key for it. Otherwise, it would be called pirate, which we don't do here.

    As for the usefulness, at least one case I can see here is I don't need to burn all 5 DVDs for different editions.


  2. hey windows7hacker
    i got a error while patching my windows 7 ultimate i.e unexpected target file size
    how to solve this problem

    please help me


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