Windows 7 in A Box


The God Mode, if you still remember, is a little registry hack that reveals and lists all Control Panel settings in one place. But this little portable tool, Windows in A Box, puts all Windows functions and settings, including all The God Mode covers, into one place.

Simply download and extract the executable file onto a desktop, and launch it. That’s pretty much all you need to be ready to execute a Windows command.

image thumb132 - Windows 7 in A Box

All Windows functions and settings are categorized into 6 sections. Pick one category that is more close to what it does to start. It shouldn’t be hard to find what you are looking for. It would be nice if there were a search function built in.

image thumb133 - Windows 7 in A Box

Windows 7 in A Box was designed to help anyone who just jumps to Windows 7 wagon overcome the learning curve from one system to another. However, I don’t recommend any windows 7 newbies to use this because taking the learning shortcut like this isn’t the right way of learning a new system. It’s a tool that helps you locate the Windows 7 system function and settings more easily and quickly.



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