Windows 7 ISO Verifier Verifies Your Downloaded Windows 7 ISO


Long Zheng, the guy from iStartedSomething, has come up a nice tool that helps you verify your downloaded Windows 7 ISO, according to what he says, for your downloading pleasure.

image19 - Windows 7 ISO Verifier Verifies Your Downloaded Windows 7 ISO

It’s pretty simple to use.

Simple drag and drop an .ISO file onto this EXE, or double click on it and navigate to the file, then sit back and relax whilst it crunches the numbers. Once it generates a hash, it’ll compare it with a list of known and trustworthy hashes of ISOs to tell you exactly which build version and architecture it is known to be. This list will be updated live over the web so you won’t have to redownload the app.

We recommend you always try to get the ISOs from the official site, but if you prefer BTs for some reason it’s fine too. Just don’t forget to verify its validation before using it.

Download the Windows 7 ISO Verifier (EXE, 253KB) [via istartedsomething]


  1. Yeah, this is all good, but what about for those peopele who do not have internet access at the time when they want to verify their iso copy. Perhaps he could modify the program to come with some loaded database of known hash values plus the option to download current values online for those who have internet access

  2. Hi Downloaded X17-55465 and checked with verifier and result says this is not a recognised win 7 image ios. any advice as i have lost my system including recovery and need to reinstall. Thanks great site.james


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