Windows 7 Quick Tip: What To Do When A Window is Off the Screen


Have you ever had this situation where one of your applications’ window just got off the screen and disappeared from your desktop? I personally have seen it, not many times but enough times to make this quick post a worthwhile, I hope.

It’s fairly easy and straightforward. When you have an application launched but don’t see a Window showing up on your desktop, you are most likely having an off-the-screen application in your hand. And when that happens, you can easily

hold down the shift key, and right-click the button on the taskbar

off the screen

And choose Maximize, you will see the application popping up on your desktop in maximized window size.

The off-the-screen situation also happens when you have one of the monitors in your multi-monitor setup died. If that happens, use the same method with Move action, and use left/right arrow keys to manually and slowly move the screen back to the screen that is still alive.

If you are on Windows 8, you can even try the new snap keyboard shortcut, win + left / win + right, to move the application around quickly.



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