Windows 7 Registry Tip: Change Aero Peek Delay Time


Aero Peek is a nice useful feature first introduced in Windows 7 that lets you see a preview of what’s on the desktop without actually going there. When you hover you mouse over to the very bottom right corner of the desktop, you are turning the desktop to a preview mode with translucent outlines of currently open windows.

Windows 7 Desktop Peek

There is 1 second delay by default before the preview shows up after you hover your mouse over. However, if you are bothered more or less by the timer set up by the system, here is a registry key you can hack to change that.

Press Win + R keyboard shortcut, type “regedit”, press Enter, to bring up the Registry Editor. And navigate to the following key:


Right click to make a new DWORD with a name “DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime“, and then double click the key to enter in the new value. You can toggle the value base in either Hexadecimal or Decimal. Most of the time, value in Decimal makes more sense.

Windows 7 Desktop Peek Registry

The number you entered into the Value data box delays the peek preview in milliseconds. By default, it’s 1000 that delays 1 seconds before peek preview shows up.

You will either restart Explorer process or restart your computer to see the change.



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