Windows 7 Tip: How To Burn ISO, IMG Files Natively Without 3rd Party Burning Tools


Admitted, when it comes to burn CD/DVD in Windows 7 I still prefer using the 3rd Party tool, like ImgBurn. But if you only want to burn CD/DVDs from the ISO/IMG files you have already in file, like those you download from the Technet Subscription website, using the built-in Windows Disc Image Burner is deadly simple and you should use it.

Simply right-click the ISO/IMG file you wan to burn from, go Open With, and choose Windows Disc Image Burner.


Put in the blank disc, check Verify option if needed, and click Burn. A little while later, a disc will be burned.

How easy it is!



  1. This is the simplest and best program to use for a simple burn.

    Conversions and complex image burning require 3rd party programs, however if something like the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was being burned, this is the best road to turn to.


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