Windows 7 Tip: Renaming Multiple Files the Quick Way


What I normally do to rename files is:

1) Highlight the file, and hit F2;

2) Type in the new name, and hit Enter,

3) Repeat the above steps to rename the next file.

If you are doing the same as I do, it’s time to try this:

1) Highlight the first file, and hit F2;

2) Type in the new name, and instead of hit Enter, hit the Tab key, which quickly move onto next file and allow you to start typing in immediately;

3) Keep typing and hitting Tab to fly through the files you want to rename.

Isn’t it way faster?

Better, if the files have the names in sequence, i.e. file1, file2, file3, etc., try this:

1) Highlight all files you want to rename;


2) Rename the first file, and hit either F2 or Enter.

3) Hoola.


I really wish I would have known this long time ago.

Credit goes to Windows 7 News



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