Windows 7 to Windows 8, What’s Good and What’s Bad?


Since the benefits of using Windows 7 now looks to be limited, we can expand our PC experience and explore new things by having Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system. It has several improvements over its predecessor like Metro UI, multiple monitor support, dual step password authentication etc. Windows 8 has changed the whole paradigm of using Windows OS by allowing users to personalize their documents or multimedia files in improved and efficient way with either its great Apps gallery or new charms bar.

So if you miss some great benefits of using Windows 8, can find and read about those here. In the mean time, you could also read about similar Windows 7 feature to compare if there are any standalone improvements provided by Microsoft in its latest release i.e., Windows 8.

Windows 8, a short introduction before diving in

Almost two months has passed since the launch of Windows 8 and we already heard about lot of great windows 8 features and functionality over its predecessors. Though, few of those were just great and I’d love explaining here.

First things first, the Windows 8 booting screen and the loading time. You can boot into Windows 8 in as less as 7 seconds after pressing start button to getting at the desktop screen. All you can see is just manufacturer’s logo and then all of a sudden, Windows 8 desktop screen comes where you can choose various system tools or boot into other OS etc.

Windows live account synchronization is worth adding too, which automatically signs you in Windows 8 PC’s and allows you to transfer contacts, mails, passwords, configuration settings etc. from one Windows 8 machine to other.

Windows 8 draws major attention for users searching for better cloud hosting options and this time, windows 8 comes with pre-installed SkyDrive App so you could easily and safely host your data of up to 25 GB for free.

The aforementioned features will be sufficient for you to desperately switch for Windows 8 from the current OS.

Features Comparison

File copying

You can copy/move multiple files simultaneously from one place to another and all the process can be figured in a single dialog box unlike Windows 7, which uses a separate dialog box for each copying/moving operation you perform.


The booting time

As we have already explained about Windows 8 fast booting, you no longer need to boot into Windows in traditional way like old Windows booting screen then welcome message and then, the desktop screen. As results, you can quickly boot into Windows than ever before.

Start button

This might be the single benefit of using old versions than Windows 8 as Microsoft completely redesigned the Windows 8 and its start options i.e., you can’t find the menu options like All programs’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Network settings’ etc. anymore in Windows 8. Though, few of them be found at the charms bar and you need to press ‘Windows’ + ‘D’ to minimize it for more options like ‘My Computer’ or ‘My Documents’. If you really miss the old start button, you can restore start button on Windows 8 by using ‘Classic Shell‘.


Call it refresh, not recovery

On windows 7, you are blessed with system recovery options such as ‘Start Repair’, ‘System Image Recovery’ etc. to restore your system when anything goes wrong or any error strikes. Where as, in Windows 8, we use to call it ‘Refresh’ and/or ‘Reset’. If the system contains sensitive data and you don’t want to loose them, you can try ‘refresh’ options which reinstall a factory copy of Windows 8 and later allows you to save or reinstall programs from the backup copy saved on the different partition of your hard drive, automatically created by refresh option.

‘Reset’ does exactly the opposite of the previous options and your computer is highly vulnerable to loose data as it wipe off the partition data, installed programs, settings etc. when anything goes wrong. Though, you’ve great chances to recover lost partition or data using third party applications, either open source or paid, if you haven’t chosen the ‘thorough reset’ option to clean your hard drive.

Windows RT

One of the Windows 8 versions called Windows 8 RT is specially designed to use with devices based on ARM processors. Microsoft has separately launched Windows surface tablet for its Windows 8 RT.



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